Randall and Hopkirk (Revisited) OR Calling All Randall and Hopkirk Ghosts And Ghostesses!

The moment I first learned of this project in one of two Randall and Hopkirk Facebook groups (this one, as well as that one…warning, they are both private groups and you will of course need a Facebook account to join) I just proudly joined a few days ago, I most immediately became jazzed.

Randall and Hopkirk (Revisited) is a much hopeful revamp of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) that will feature Jeff’s daughter, Rebecca, taking the place of her father, who has been killed, and none other than the spirit of ‘Uncle’ Marty Hopkirk himself will help her solve her father’s murder! With the approval of the one, the only Kenneth Cope to the point of his being an active participant and will be featured in the final product, as well as also the approval of Annette Andre, this project is going to be absolutely AMAZING. I am looking quite forward, to say the least, to the end result of this project, which I get the feeling is going to really, REALLY school a particular remake on how you revive Randall and Hopkirk.

But alas, they need funds…£3,000 worth of them, to be specific. And while I wish I could donate that to the last pence and/or make it appear out of thin air like a roulette ball in a Monte Carlo casino, I can’t. Plus, it would not be right nor fair to take away opportunities from other fellow Randall and Hopkirk ghosts and ghostesses to get their names in the credits, autographs, character sponsorships, among other smashing things. That is where each and every last one of you who reads this comes in…even if all you can afford to give is £5 or £10, PLEASE DONATE IT! Each and every last little bit goes a long way and will be much, MUCH appreciated by the Randall and Hopkirk (Revisited) crew and cast. For £5, you can get your name in the credits, for £10, you can receive an autograph in addition to the credits thank you and acknowledgement, and for more and beyond, bigger and better perks. No matter how much you donate, everyone will win…from the cast and crew for coming up with and producing a longtime much needed addition to the true Randall and Hopkirk mythos, to the admirers like myself and you who have LONGED for a sequel of sorts to accompany the original and forever BEST Randall and Hopkirk.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to have any sort of a social media platform, please, PLEASE spread the word of Randall and Hopkirk (Revisited) as I have here. They need the love, support, and word of mouth every bit as much as the money to make happen what I believe is going to be an utmost glorious offering to the Randall and Hopkirk world and community.

Caroline “It’s about time, it’s about space…in more ways than one, a certain remake is going to get put in its place!” Smith 

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